New to DIY? Here are the Top Essential Supplies You Must Have

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New to DIY? Here are the Top Essential Supplies You Must Have

You’ve already searched and pinned several pages on ideas that will help you get started with your DIY project. At this point, what is next?
In every DIY project you do, there are common tools and supplies that you will get you started with your very first project. If you’ve got the proper supplies and space, handcraft beginners can get started easily and even get creative as they keep on expressing themselves.
You don’t need some special skill sets. Even those who consider themselves incredibly inept with tools can quickly pick up on how to use them since everyone has those skill already. The only way for beginners to improve is to keep on using them. The most important thing to remember here is that everyone is born creative. It doesn’t matter what kind of professional path you have right now, even the most basic skill with a DIY project you will be able to do.
Here are the supplies you’ll need is a beginner in the DIY handcrafting world.

Washi Tape

If you have been browsing with different handcraft tutorials out there, you will notice how most of them have the washi tape. You’d feel like every DIYers out there are obsessed about the washi tape. This is a versatile paper tape that comes with amazing and adorable designs making it great for wall decor, and paper crafts or even put up a little something on your furniture.

Needle nose pliers

For the small project, this tiny tool can help you a lot. Not only is this a go-to tool when closing and opening jump rings, but it can also be used for bending wires and even securing the ribbon ends and crimp beads. They are also great for cutting through wire and jewelry chain.

Craft Knife

Or also known as the X-Acto knife, they are great for any delicate work that you are into right now. They are especially great for jewelry and stationary crafts. There are certain jobs that the scissors can’t-do the job, and only the X-Acto knife can do. If you remember during grade school when you were made to cut along the dotted lines that would have been the best time to use the X-Acto knife. This time, you can do so even as adults.

Spray paint

Being a beginner, it is also great to have acrylic paints to have in your inventory. However, when you are looking for that seamless finish on a home decor, art or furniture, you’d want to create some space for you to spray. It will only take some cans to keep with a couple of your favorite colors with it. Make sure that you store them properly as they tend to dry out. Follow the instructions placed on the label.

Painter’s tape

This is the perfect material to have around if you are attempting on the color block vogue. Also, you will need something that will keep your projects tidy and neat, no matter the kind of paints that you use.

Hot glue gun

There are a couple of tools out there wherein you can’t just ignore them since they have a certain function that will help every DIY project that you have. The hot glue gun is something that you can never have in your arsenal as they can work on different materials.

Paint Pens

They are the perfect markers for home decor or art projects, especially when you prefer the beautiful ceramics that will not chip off from the dishwasher.

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